Who is Martin Green

As much as I hate to say it,
I am super passioned about what I do!

If not that I’d be still in the film industry as
that is my background.

Even though I’ve studied Digital Marketing in College,
the actual knowledge of how to create and run campaigns,
get results,
and make profit
was learned online.

And I like it that way!

I love spending countless hours researching
and learning new ways how to advertise online.

Especially on social media.

How to get into customer minds,
persuade them to buy in.

Find out what triggers,
pain points and solutions work
and what doesn’t work.

The online environment is changing by the day.
Who doesn’t act fast, stays behind.

Lucky for us, not so much for everyone else.

I love the endless bucket of opportunities the internet has given us.
It allows a whole new level of expansion,
especially for smaller players.

Now, even small companies can compete
with the biggest and best in the game
and try to win their clients.

I often hear from business owners,
their biggest issue with advertising online
is not being able to get a return on investment.

They can’t justify spending hundreds or thousands a month
only to be, “Seen"

There’s so much choice out there.
It’s very easy to get overwhelmed

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube,
Email Sequences, Sales Funnels, Chat Bots, Search Engine Optimization, Automation…

They are also making it easier for an average person to throw money on ads
and anyone can do it in a matter of few clicks.

It’s something else to generate Return On Investment on the Ad Spend.

This is where people like us come in.

I have perfected a 7 step process that generates amazing results.

If you are a business owner and you resonate with what I said
I would like to share my process with you and help you grow.

Then you can implement it all yourself or
get us to do it for you.

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